Smart Detect

What is Smart Detect?

In order to survive on the market as a manufacturing company, one thing counts above all: 100% reliable product quality. Accordingly, the use of various measuring methods is not new - many companies have already been using high-performance testing devices and machines for years to check the quality of their products. The problem: The effort and therefore the costs are high, because many machines do not perform the product checks fully automatically, fail to check certain materials or require complicated and inflexible programming. With Smart Detect, we offer you a more flexible solution for quality assurance and thus accompany you and your company on the way to Industry 4.0.

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Use Cases for Smart Detect

The function of Smart Detect is based on simple training processes instead of complex and time-consuming programming. During the one-time training, all relevant information about the products is collected in order to classify them. With the help of these parameters, the products can then be correctly identified.

Once materials have been stored via training, they can be analyzed for surface defects. These are detected automatically thanks to Smart Detect, and in the event of defects - depending on individual specifications - an appropriate procedure is activated (e.g. acoustic signal). Surfaces classified during training serve as a basis for detecting defects on new parts as well - without having to train the exact shape, color or material separately.

Prerequisites for Smart Detect

To successfully introduce and use Smart Detect in your own company, you need the necessary hardware and software. Here, we are at your side with comprehensive advice tailored to your company. In addition, our experts will take care of assembling and integrating camera equipment, lighting units, PLC and the like.

Advantages of Smart Detect

Less effort

When introducing new products as well as modifying existing products, less effort is required in terms of quality assurance and material testing.


Targeted training, instead of cumbersome input of hundreds of complicated parameters. This leads to leaner processes and significant time and cost savings.


Reliable testing processes for difficult materials such as textures, wood or food. Smart Detect guarantees reliable results even for products that conventional image processing systems cannot reliably inspect.

FAQs about Smart Detect

For whom is Smart Detect worthwhile?

Smart Detect is the alternative for all companies that attach great importance to reliable quality inspection, but were only satisfied to a limited extent with conventional inspection methods. Smart Detect proves its strength, especially when testing difficult materials - this applies to small companies as well as large enterprises.

How does Smart Detect enable maximum time savings?

Conventional image processing systems have to be programmed using various parameters. This takes time. Afterwards, the systems still cannot react appropriately to deviations because they are bound to their parameters. Smart Detect, on the other hand, guarantees a learning effect: materials and products are learned during training; running the training program once is sufficient. Smart Detect then even identifies parts that did not occur in the training but are similar to them.

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