Automotive Industries

The automotive industry is one of the highest-turnover sectors in Germany and around the world. The constantly growing demand, increasing safety requirements as well as the emerging e-mobility and the topic of environmental protection create complex challenges in the field of automotive manufacturing that require reliable solutions.

Pharmaceutical and Medical Technologies

Particularly in pharmaceutical and medical technology, extraordinarily high standards apply regarding production conditions and quality. German companies enjoy a good reputation worldwide in this sector and are constantly setting new standards. To ensure that this remains the case in the future, innovative technical solutions are required that consider the constantly changing requirements.

Wire laying technology

Elementary technological processes must be continuously developed to meet the growing demands of the market. Simpler application processes and expanded application areas support companies in more efficient and cost-effective production - this also applies to wire embedding technology.

ID security

A person's identity is unique and unmistakable. Protecting it, especially in the digital world, is a highly complex task that requires innovative technical solutions.

Alternative energies

Alternative energies are not a challenge of the future but are already presenting industry with many highly complex tasks. In the automotive industry in particular, clever solutions are needed to meet the constantly growing demands.