WCE2000 - Automatic Production System

Flexible platform for antenna embedding and RFID inlay production

The WCE2000 sets the standard for high-speed wire embedding and RFID inlay production: Superior quality, highest accuracy and unmatched productivity at an unbeatable price-performance ratio. The system can be designed to perfectly match your needs: sheet to sheet (S2S), reel to sheet (R2S), or reel to reel (R2R).

This flexible solution offers the most economical way to produce RFID inlays for ID documents in large quantities. You get unrivalled real-world throughput: up to 4,050 antennas/hour as antenna embedding machine and up to 2,000 finished RFID inlays/hour as inlay manufacturing line.

The WCE2000 is available in virtually unlimited configurations. Wire coil embedding, module pick & place, soldering, and testing are the main features that can be integrated to build a tailor-made solution. Punching, sheet cutting, handling and collation of additional layers, and other features complement the system to a complete inlay manufacturing line.

The possibility to combine all of these different features on a single, standardized system, designed and manufactured by a single provider, guarantees cost optimization, ease of use, flawless operation, and easier maintenance and service. Our excellent sonotrode expertise for various substrate / wire combinations ensures highest precision at antenna embedding.

WCE2000 - Automatic Production System
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