BT110-4 - Bending Test System

Verify card’s structural stability and endurance to bending stress

The BT110-4 bending tester is designed to perform dynamic bending stress tests with ID-1 cards, particularly smart cards. This dedicated test system enables to bend the cards along the short axis or the long axis. In each direction 5 cards can be processed simultaneously. The purpose of this test is to determine any adverse mechanical or electrical effects arising from repeated application of bending stress to card test samples.

The affordably priced BT110-4 bending test system is perfect for quality assurance in card production and for card testing in laboratories. It will help in the card prototype stage to ensure that the product to be built meets the expectations of the customer. And as part of an ongoing quality assurance program, the system ensures in the production that the cards continue to meet the established durability test standards.

Many cards aren’t performing as they should. Make sure the cards you produce and issue work every time.

BT110-4 - Bending Test System
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