Are you looking for a premium-level passport security feature without extra costs for consumables?

Our innovative passport number perforation method PERFLEX® is an outstanding high-security feature for passports. By precisely and uniquely perforating the passport number into the document, forgery of the passport number is made virtually impossible.

PERFLEX® is a proven high-security feature for passports applied by laser technology. It allows passport perforation with variable character sizes using holes in different geometric shapes such as triangles, squares, diamonds, and trapezoids.

ruhlamat´s patented feature is a must-have for the realisation of today's passport security standards.

The passport number is perforated in a unique way that allows it to be quickly and easily recognised and verified. The perforations are so fine and precise that they are almost impossible to reproduce, even if counterfeiters use state-of-the-art technology.

Maximize document security and take advantage of this high-security feature without extra costs for consumables. Our perforation method PERFLEX® meets the highest standards for security and reliability and is used by government agencies around the world. 

With our passport number perforation method, you can be sure that your passports are protected against forgery and fraud.

PERFLEX - patented perforation process for your id documents
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