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Fast, reliable and profitable solutions for card personalisation

Our ID card personalisation systems provide businesses, government agencies, educational institutions and other organisations with a secure and efficient method of personalising ID cards. With a wide range of features and benefits, our personalisation machines are flexible and can meet your needs.

To create customised solutions for you, we offer a profitable and innovative card personalisation system. Our cost-effective and powerful central personalisation system allows you to personalise a wide range of different plastic cards and smart cards according to your needs.

The use of secure technologies within our solution allows you to centralise high-performance production of credentials whenever you need them. Based on flexible and powerful process management, you can combine laser engraving, industrial inkjet printing, lamination and chip encoding.

Secure transmission and storage of personalised data on the card ensure confidentiality and security of the personalised data. With high speed and capacity, our machines are able to produce ID cards quickly and efficiently.

Pearl ID - Centralised Card Personalisation

The Pearl ID is a fast and modular personalisation system for all kind of personalisation tasks with unrivalled productivity. Superior quality, proven technologies and robust software allow you to meet even the most demanding production environments.

Pearl ID - Centralised Card Personalisation
PowerPerso DLE - Decentralised Card Personalisation

With the PowerPerso DLE you get a compact device for decentralized personalisation of ID documents. The high-quality laser engraving technology combined with a contact, contactless or Dual Interface encryption method for personal data offers you maximum security for highly secure ID documents.

PowerPerso DLE - Decentralised Card Personalisation

Differences in card personalisation machines

Central ID card personalisation systems are systems operated by a central authority or organisation. These systems are used to provide ID or smart cards with the required personal information, such as name, date and place of birth, photograph and, where applicable, biometric data. The advantage of a central system is the control and security of the data. The authority can monitor the entire personalisation process and ensure that the data is correct and protected. In addition, a central system allows for easy updating or renewal of ID cards, as all information is stored in one place.

In contrast, decentralised personalisation systems use individual devices or local facilities to personalise ID cards. This can take the form of dedicated printers or card readers, for example. The advantage of a decentralised system is that it can be more flexible and faster, especially in situations where ID cards are needed on site. This is the case, for example, at events, conferences or temporary locations. Data is not transferred to a central location, which can reduce potential security risks.

The choice between a centralised and decentralised personalisation system depends on specific requirements and security concerns. While centralised systems offer more control, decentralised systems are more flexible and can allow for faster on-site personalisation.

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