Test Systems & Inspection Systems

Quality assurance from a single source.

Test systems and inspection systems are an integral part of most of the automation solutions we implement. The respective assembly process is usually followed by a testing process in order to meet the highest quality requirements. Both laboratory and stand-alone or inline series testing systems (EOL) have already been implemented by ruhlamat many times.

Our test systems and inspection systems work with the latest sensors, cameras and other measuring devices to accurately check your product specifications. 
You achieve very good traceability with our test systems, which enables you to quickly and easily trace the path of your product without any gaps. In this way, you can ensure that your product meets all the requirements and standards that are relevant for the product and its production. Test results (product/process data) are documented in your own or customer-specific databases.

With ruhlamat test systems and inspection systems, our customers can achieve competitive advantages and position themselves as trustworthy brands.

test systems and inspection systems
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Application of our testing and inspection systems

Our testing and inspection systems from ruhlamat are used in various industries, such as automotive, medical technology, renewable energies and ID security.

In the automotive industry, our inspection systems are used to ensure that all components and systems meet the highest quality standards. In the medical technology industry, our inspection systems are used to ensure the precision and reliability of medical devices.

In the renewable energy industry, our inspection systems can also be used to monitor and optimise the performance and efficiency of fuel cell production plants, for example. In ID security, our systems provide reliable verification of identity documents to detect forgeries and prevent misuse.