For optimum process times with short cycle times

Constant changes in our customers' markets, require quick solutions.

When implementing assembly lines in the automotive sector, ruhlamat implements a wide variety of processes and process modules to achieve optimum productivity and stability. Since the automotive industry is dedicated to mass production of automobiles, ruhlamat offers customized solutions for your project specifically for this purpose.

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Profit from our decades of experience in the manufacture of high-precision, partially or fully automated automation technology. Our machine portfolio includes numerous systems and units. Ruhlamat develops and combines these units into a machine package according to your requirements.

Our process and system experience includes

  • Sensors, speed sensors
  • Motor assemblies
  • AC-DC pedal modules and gear selector levers
  • Vehicle lights
  • Steering assemblies
  • Differential transmission
  • Fuel pumps, oil pumps
  • Turbochargers, power pack

For a wide variety of needs, ruhlamat offers different machine platforms

Individually adapted to the respective conditions, you receive exactly the machine type that represents the optimum solution for you. From transfer variants and space-saving rotary indexing systems to test and inspection systems as well as manual workstations and robot cells, ruhlamat is your one-stop contact for customized assembly systems.

Keep control of your machine right from the start

Even in the concept creation phase, we can virtually simulate your machine for you. Processes and machining steps are already virtually checked for their accuracy of fit, and nasty surprises during on-site commissioning can thus be avoided.

Reference Projects

Assembly line for electric motors

This machine solution is a semi-automated assembly line for the type-specific production of electric motors.

An operator partially loads and unloads the system, but critical processes are fully automated.

Due to different levels of automation, scalability from 55s to 28s cycle time is possible. The assembly system was designed and built with ergonomic guidelines in mind.

On the system are primarily joining processes, both by force and by path, including inductive heating of components. In addition, laser welding of electrical connections with fully integrated laser power feedback measurement can also be implemented. To enable complete traceability of production data, a VMDT (= Virtual Mobile Data Carrier) has been integrated.

Assembly line for electric motors

Assembly system for gas generators

This machine solution is for a fully automated assembly line for the production of gas generators for airbags.

The plant is partially loaded and unloaded by an operator, but critical processes are carried out fully automatically. The plant has an autonomy time of 120min. Through various degrees of automation, a cycle time of 6.9s per generator is possible.

The design and construction of the assembly system was carried out taking into account ergonomic guidelines, as well as compliance with guidelines for explosive substances. On the system are joining processes (force-monitored), welding processes (laser welding, capacitor discharge welding), various camera inspections, testing processes (leak testing), and setting processes.

The assembly data of each generator is stored in a master computer system, so that even the room temperature during assembly can be tracked.

Assembly system for gas generators

Manufacturing system for fuel cells

In fuel cell production, efficient cycle times and absolute precision are crucial. To this end, our systems cover all process steps from component production and stack assembly to the finished fuel cell system.

The modular, scalable design of the systems enables individual adaptation to the production capacity envisaged by the customer in each case. We are already working on machine solutions for fuel cell production with international teams of product and production specialists from renowned institutes and industrial partners.

Manufacturing system for fuel cells
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