Vehicle De-icing & Interior Heating

To reliably ensure the availability of distance and environment detection, anti-icing or de-icing of the surface of the sensor technology is required, among other things. This is the only way to ensure vehicle operation in frost and snowy conditions.

By means of filigree wire meanders embedded in foils or plastic injection molding elements, sensors are heated and freed from snow and ice in the shortest possible time.

Our wire embedding system WCEvario3D allows - flexibly robot-supported - to embed heating wires in complex 3D contours.

Heated sensors at the front of the vehicle
wire embedding on convex and concave surfaces
Heated surfaces inside the vehicle

Vehicle battery heating & monitoring

Monitoring of cell status regarding energy and temperature is needed to work in best shape and stay in best conditions during start and charging procedures and also lifetime.

Foils with wire circuits added with electronic components enable huge, free designable PCB´s in the flattest possible construction.

Heating of cell modules also can be done in a very small and very flexible geometry implementing heating wires on foils. Divided functionality from also needed cooling get´s possible to optimize and control both system functionalities independent from each other.


Vehicle battery heating

Sensors & Sensitive Functionality

Car window with rain sensor

Detection and action by touch is a growing demand, inside and outside vehicles.

Sensor wires are used for rain detection or "hands-on detection" in driver assistance and for other functions where sensitive surfaces replace hardware switches and controls.

The accurate laying and embedding of these sensor wires on plastic surfaces or foils is handled by our wire embedding systems. Find out more here.


Wire embedding on different foils, substrates and surfaces

Embedded wire is a versatile tool used in a wide range of applications to selectively heat materials and surfaces or create bonds. 

In the textile industry in particular, embedded heating wire is used to heat garments such as jackets and gloves to ensure a comfortable feel in cold weather. The heating wire is embedded in special fabrics and connected to a power source.

In addition to the applications already described above, embedded heating wire is also used in the automotive sector to heat car windows. This is used to prevent the panes from fogging up in damp weather and thus increase safety when driving. Here, the heating wire is integrated into the panes by means of foils and connected to a power source.

In ID security, embedded wire is used as a type of contact to transmit electronic signals between the chip in the card and a reader. 

For the technical implementation of these wire laying applications, please refer to our 2D wire embedding section. 

wire embedding on glass panes
wire embedding on plastic foils
wire embedding on textiles
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