WCE700 - Semi-Automatic Production System

Very economical solution for antenna embedding and RFID inlay production

The WCE700 is a semi-automatic system designed to produce RFID inlays for ID documents (ID-1 and ID-3 format). Based on a 4-station roundtable concept with manual load and unload, this very economical solution can handle both small jobs and high-volume runs with ease. Depending on the configuration, it can produce up to 1,600 inlay sheets/hour. The machine can also be used solely for antenna embedding, with unrivalled speed, accuracy and the quality of antennas that it produces.

WCE700 - Semi-Automatic Production System
Watch Semi-Automatic Antenna Embedding System | Halbautomatisches Antennenlegesystem WCE700 ruhlamat GmbH on YouTube.

This modular system is equipped with ultrasonic wire embedding, automatic chip module punching and module placement at defined positions on the table. The electrical connection between antenna and module is accomplished either by thermo-compression bonding or soldering method. The operator will feed and take out the inlay sheet manually. The WCE700 is capable to work with a wide range of materials, and variables like the size and shape of the antenna can easily be adapted to the specific requirements.

Our excellent sonotrode expertise for various substrate / wire combinations ensures highest precision at antenna embedding.

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