Decentralised Card Personalisation

Reliability and quality make it the best in laser engraving

The industrial card laser engraver PowerPerso DLE provides highest laser engraving quality to produce cards that meet the requirements of demanding applications such as National IDs, driver’s licenses, vehicle registration cards, and secure electronic company ID cards. The device is easy and safe to operate and maintain, and can be used in both office and production environment.

The PowerPerso DLE uses latest technology to engrave permanent and unalterable data into cards that demand the highest level of security. Encoding options such as contact, contactless or dual interface are available. The optional available security features such as CLI or MLI, making credential forgery and manipulation virtually impossible.

PowerPerso DLE - Decentralised Card Personalisation

The field-proven software packages Data Mastery (DMS) and Job creator make integration very easy for customers. Software development kits and Hardware Security Module (HSM) integration with open interfaces to customer’s application make the PowerPerso DLE to an ideal solution for the fast, cost-efficient personalisation of highly secure credentials.

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A desktop machine solution for card personalisation offers several advantages:

Space-saving: Unlike large, room-filling machines, a desktop solution requires little space. It can therefore be used in offices, at counters or even mobile workstations.

Decentralised: A desktop solution can be used at different locations. This means that companies can set up multiple machines in different locations, making card personalisation for employees or customers faster and more flexible.

Easy to use: Desktop solutions are usually easy to use and require no special training. This allows any employee to perform card personalisation quickly and efficiently.

Fast personalisation: As card personalisation is carried out directly on site, it can be done quickly. This reduces processing time and allows companies to deliver cards to customers or employees faster.

Flexibility: Because a desktop solution is quick and easy to deploy anywhere, it offers businesses flexibility in processing orders. Companies can increase their production capacity by adding machines or moving existing machines to other locations.