Customised services for optimum production

We not only support our customers during the implementation of a project, but also after its completion too. The achievement of your individual aims is the focus of each phase: We ensure an optimum production launch, rapid problem resolution, and regular servicing and maintenance. Using both remote diagnostics as well as helping you directly on site.

Service Contract

Whether installation systems or card and passport systems, the ruhlamat service contract protects you against unplanned maintenance costs and spontaneous repairs. As a result, you will proactively avoid unforeseen disruptions in your production. You can plan for the long-term and focus on your production and the associated requirements.

Shape your service contract with ruhlamat individually based on your needs. Also benefit from low prices and faster response times with our service contract.

The ruhlamat service contracts contain several coordinated services that ensure maximum system reliability and availability.

We will happily create your individual service contract offer for you consisting of:

Convenient on-site operations within your facility – ruhlamat training offers

With the focus on availability, we offer you sophisticated training programmes covering a variety of topics.

Your machine operators and maintenance employees will be trained and receive regular further training with particular attention on high productivity and the associated optimal production of your specialized machines, installation systems or standard machines.

Your employees are therefore always up-to-date on the latest technology and know their custom-made specialized machine or standard machine inside out. Machine problems or faults are identified early during ongoing production and can be resolved before incurring unnecessary costs.

In addition to our standard courses, we also offer you customer-specific training sessions in your facility or in our training centre for conventional and older machines. The content will be designed especially to meet your needs.

These training sessions are available in any field of the profession, such as technology, control technology and mechanical engineering.  

We will happily create your individual training offer!

Action before costs are incurred - ruhlamat maintenance and repair

Seamless processes and trouble-free production are ensured by regular servicing and maintenance.

This forms the basis for a high availability of your machines and installation systems, minimizing defaults and thus costs.

With our preventative maintenance/service measures, we wish to proactively and sustainably minimize possible downtimes of your specialized machines.  

All machine and system statuses are thereby inspected and documented by our specialist personnel. By analysing such information, we are able to identify when maintenance and servicing work are expected at an early stage during the production.

We are happy to carry out all servicing and maintenance services for you. Your advantage in this:  Work concerning maintenance and servicing can be taken into account when planning your production.

We will happily create your individual maintenance offer!

Always on hand – our ruhlamat hotline

Qualified and experienced service personnel are on hand to help and assist you with all of your questions on the ruhlamat hotline.

You will receive support on issues related to hardware and software or on the parameterization of your individually manufactured specialized machines or standard solutions.

We keep a stock of all the information regarding your machines to hand, readily available at any time too should you decide to relocate your stations/installation systems. All we ask is that you have the serial identification number/machine number of the machines ready. As a result, we are immediately able to view all the details of the previous procedures and can take the appropriate measures directly.

You can reach us on working days from Monday to Friday between 7am and 5pm (CET) using the number +49 (0) 36925 929 - 370. The ruhlamat service email address is: .
Your point of contact on the hotline coordinates all the operations required, from the quick dispatch of replacement parts up to organizing any possible deployment of technicians that may be needed.

Our experts from the technical support team can look back on many years of experience with installation systems and card/passport systems and optimally support you with complex issues surrounding your specialized machines and software.

Always at your side - ruhlamat production assistance

Ruhlamat offers you our qualified specialist personnel to provide assistance with your production, especially during the start-up phase of a new specialized machine, standard machine, an installation system or a new product.

Uncertainties and issues during the ongoing production can be resolved immediately.

Operations are jointly optimized, informed and self-confidence created with production start-up. An important cornerstone for dependably good production results.

We will happily create your personalized offer for production assistance!

Help without losing time - ruhlamat remote diagnostics

Remote service/support creates a data exchange between your card and passport systems or automation systems and our technical support team should a malfunction occur.

This means you'll get qualified support without losing time. You will save not only time and money by reducing on-site deployments, but also increase the availability of the production line.

Through the targeted use of our specialist personnel, we can help with troubleshooting, process optimization and operating guidance.

Contact us!

Replacement parts with manufacturer quality - ruhlamat replacement parts packages

Replacement parts with manufacturer quality form the basis for a safe and fault-free production process.

We are able to provide the correct replacement and wear parts for not only new specialized machines but also with older stations and assembly systems.

Thanks to our experience, the suitable replacement parts are selected quickly and reliably and are dispatched to you in the shortest possible time. All supplied replacement parts are documented in the maintenance history of the machine.

Please send us a fax or email or get in touch directly with us by phone using the hotline for ordering replacement parts and packages.

We keep all information regarding your specialized machines and standard machines ready to hand. All we ask is that you have the serial identification number/machine number of the machines ready.  As a result we are able to view all the details of the previous procedures and can take the appropriate measures directly.

We are also happy to develop a replacement package tailored to your specialized machine together with you, ensuring the availability of your production line!

Your machines up-to-date - ruhlamat upgrades

Changes with respect to the use of materials and production processes can result during the life cycle of your specialized machine.

This can mean that a modernization and conversion to the latest state of the art technology is a worthwhile measure.

We focus on the use of the latest technologies in the areas of controlling and automation technology to ensure that your machine works efficiently once again.

Retrofittings, modernizations or overhauls are often a worthwhile alternative to new investments.

Get in touch with us, even if it is regarding a third-party product!

Service and Support

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