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The MACK Group - Automation Technology Expertise³

The MACK Group, as a merger of three manufacturers in the fields of automation technology and machine construction, is distinguished by many decades of experience.

The family-run group of companies focuses on partnership-based and trustful cooperation. Profit-oriented business administration with regard for the interests of employees and the environment is of a central significance for the group of companies and has led to the success and current size of the MACK Group.

ruhlamat Management
The MACK Group consists of the following companies:
Structur MACK Group
Ruhlamat GmbH

With approximately 1,200 employees worldwide in the offices in Europe and Asia, ruhlamat GmbH is the largest company in the MACK Group.
The company's headquarters is in Thuringia, in the so-called "green heart" of Germany. Three main business segments allow ruhlamat GmbH to stand in good stead as a machine constructor. Ruhlamat is a leading provider of both customer-specific as well as standardised machine solutions.  Project design, development and manufacture - ruhlamat offers complete systems from a single source.
With an consolidated annual total output of around 140 million euros and constantly growing employee numbers, ruhlamat GmbH is the most successful company in the MACK Group.

ruhlamat GmbH
Elektro-Mack GmbH

Elektro-Mack GmbH is the second largest company in the MACK Group with around 45 employees. Headquartered in Baindt, Baden-Württemberg, the company's main emphasis lies in the planning, construction and commissioning of industrial control and automation technology.

In contrast to ruhlamat GmbH and SMR Sondermaschinen GmbH, which arose in 1991 from the tradition-steeped "Uhren- und Maschinenfabrik Ruhla", Elektro-Mack GmbH was founded back in 1974 and thus boasts more than 40 years of experience in automation technology. The total output amounts to around 6 million euros.

Elektro-Mack GmbH Baindt
SMR Sondermaschinen GmbH

With an annual total output of around 5 million euros and a workforce of about 30 people, SMR Sondermaschinen GmbH is the smallest company in the MACK Group. Established in Wutha-Farnroda, Thuringia, the specialised machine constructor undertakes everything on a customer-specific basis from just one source, from the construction through to the manufacture of individual parts to the assembly of automation technology. SMR primarily develops and manufactures for producers of medical technology and suppliers for the automotive industry.

SMR Sondermaschinen GmbH