Pharmaceutical and Medical Technologies

In pharmaceutical and medical technology, the focus is always on health. It is therefore understandable that all production processes in this industry are subject to the most stringent safety and quality regulations. Ensuring that these are stable sometimes costs companies a lot of resources and energy - both of which are often at the expense of efficiency. Technological innovations can help to harmoniously combine all aspects: Highest stability in production conditions, safety, and quality. Qualified systems are also adaptable - so they can react to new requirements in pharmaceutical and medical technology at any time and guarantee maximum flexibility. 

We at ruhlamat have already been active for years as an established partner to numerous companies in the pharmaceutical and medical technology sectors. With our broad range of assembly technologies and customer-specific system concepts, we support your production processes and thus make it easier for you to comply with the latest standards. To this end, we are constantly developing new production processes and implementing sophisticated enhancements to existing processes. In addition, we invest a lot of time and energy in researching new methods and procedures to raise your performance in pharmaceutical and medical technology to a whole new level.

Pharmaceutical and medical technology

One example shows how innovative solutions from ruhlamat can be: In cooperation with COLANDIS GmbH, a Thuringian manufacturer of cleanroom technology, a mobile cleanroom enclosure was developed. This guarantees CE-compliant production of medical products in accordance with EU Directive 2017/745 - even in places where no clean room is actually available. Another significant example are our machines to produce respiratory protection masks, which carry out all the necessary steps in mask production fully automatically. Such innovative solutions underline how we support your project in pharmaceutical and medical technology. From small batch production to fully automated production lines, we develop plant systems and stand-alone modules that guarantee hygienic and cost-effective production of medical and pharmaceutical products.

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Our portfolio in the pharmaceutical and medical technology sector:

  • Dental technology
  • Infusion technology
  • Protective equipment
  • syringe systems

Machine solutions for Medical technology

Medical technology

People's health is always the highest priority. This is why the safety and quality requirements in the field of medical technology are higher than in almost any other industry. Medical systems from ruhlamat take these requirements into account in all aspects and create new standards with innovative and individual solutions.

Pharmaceutical and medical technology
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