Wire laying technology

Elementary technological processes must be continuously developed to meet the growing demands of the market. Simpler application processes and expanded application areas support companies in more efficient and cost-effective production - this also applies to wire embedding technology.

Wire embedding technology has already been considered a versatile technological process used in numerous industries for several years. Typical applications of wire embedding systems include, for example, the production of heatable functional clothing, heating foils for vehicle covers or evaluation electronics such as torque sensors. On flat surfaces, 2D wire laying technology can be used for this without any problems. Uneven surfaces, on the other hand, present users with great challenges - here we at ruhlamat have provided a remedy with the development of 3D wire laying technology and set new standards.

We at ruhlamat have been working on optimising wire emebdding technology for different industries and requirements since 1997. Since recently, we have been offering not only reliable ultrasonic wire laying systems for 2D applications, but also a special 3D wire laying technology. This was originally developed as a way of producing antennas for smart cards and RFID inlays quickly and cost-effectively. We quickly expanded the range of applications so that the production method is now also used in the manufacture of headlight heaters. Other car body parts can also be provided with 3D-laid wire structures.

Wire embedding technology

The 3D wire laying technology is particularly efficient and gentle on the material: with the help of a robot, flat and uneven surfaces are covered with high precision so that neither the wire itself nor the components can be damaged. This innovative method can also be used as a stand-alone solution or integrated as a module in a production system. Currently, there is a great demand for heatable plastic surfaces, especially in the automotive industry, for which wire laying is predestined. Accordingly, we want to further expand our services in the future, especially with regard to the automotive sector. In addition, we are developing other industry-specific solutions based on innovative wire laying technology.

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Product solutions in the field of wire laying technology:

  • 2D wire laying technology (FILUS - large-area wire laying & WCE2D - ultra-fast wire laying)
  • 3D wire laying technology (WCE Vario 3D in basic version and production system)

Machine solutions for Wire laying technology

2D Wire embedding technology

With the ruhlamat FILUS and the WCE2D, you can achieve large-area and precise wire-embedding results. In addition to wire embedding, pick-and-place handling and cutting, this 2D wire-embedding solution is also precise at soldering and dosing.

WCEvario Wire Embedding System
3D Wire embedding technology

The WCEvario3D captivates through its flexible application options: From flat surfaces to concave and convex contours, the flexible robotic arm with a state-of-the-art wire-laying head and constant pressure-force control can handle all dimensions.

WCEvario3D production system wire embedding

Unlock the potential of wire embedding technology in various applications. From vehicle de-icing and interior heating to battery monitoring and sensors, discover how our innovative wire embedding systems ensure optimal performance and functionality in diverse industries.

wire embedding on plastic foils
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Ultrasonic Wire Embedding
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