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  • Automatic chip module testing
    and encoding

    ruhlamat PowerTest Chip Module Test System

PowerTest - Chip Module Test System

The most affordable, flexible high-speed testing machine for chip modules

The PowerTest is a sophisticated testing and encoding system for chip modules on 35 mm tapes. Maximum flexibility allows versatile use: It can be used by card manufacturers for the incoming inspection or encoding of chip module tapes, and with integrated disconnect station by module tape manufacturers as a quality measurement system for the inspection of outgoing goods.

Testing of contact, contactless and Dual Interface IC modules can be executed with the highest performance and yield by processing of up to 128 modules in parallel. In addition to basic test and parameter test, software is also available for chip module initialisation, personalisation, and OS loading. Integration of SAM, HSM, or similar modules can be realised easily.

Using high-end reader technology from Smartware or Micropross, this automatic IC module test handler offers unmatched performance for the complete production test of smart card and RFID modules.

ruhalmat PowerTest Chip Module Test System

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  • Flexible reel to reel system for high-speed test, initialisation and personalisation of chip modules
  • Throughput up to 77,000 chip modules/hour
  • Contact, contactless and dual interface IC modules can be handled on one machine
  • Contacting units with test heads can be attached in parallel or provided as interchangeable parts for utmost configuration flexibility
  • Fully automatic processing of test and encoding procedures
  • Optional high speed disconnect station for electrical disconnection of IC modules
  • Modular design and graphical user interface with touch screen for easy operation
  • Easily accessible components, less wearing parts and the use of standard parts reduce the cost of service and maintenance
  • Open platform for integration of customer test hardware and software