Manual Workstations & Assembly Workstations

Optimised interaction between man and machine.

Are you seeking a flexible means of increasing your production capacity? Look no further than the manual or assembly workstations from ruhlamat, which are based on the Chaku Chaku principle and offer a proven investment for boosting production efficiency.

With Chaku Chaku assembly workstations, workers only transport workpieces from station to station while the stations themselves operate fully or semi-automatically. This allows for cycle time differences to be absorbed by buffers and ensures that the entire production process is streamlined and efficient.

Manual workstations or assembly workstations are especially ideal for those with uncertain part quantity forecasts, as they offer the flexibility to deploy personnel as needed for single or multi-station operations.

At ruhlamat, we collaborate with our customers to design assembly workstations that meet their specific quantity needs, ensuring the perfect fit for any manufacturing operation. Plus, with the ability to expand using linear transfer systems or robot applications, these assembly stations can grow with your business as production needs change.

Our manual workstations include assembly workstations, assembly stations, welding devices, testing, and calibration stations, among others. No matter what your production needs may be, we have the solution to help you maximize your output and achieve greater efficiency.

At every step of the process, from initial planning to practical testing and final installation, ruhlamat provides comprehensive support to ensure that your manufacturing solution is the best fit for your unique needs. With ruhlamat, you can expect nothing less than a complete solution for all of your manufacturing needs.

Manual Workstations
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