Original Equipment Manufacturing

Our OEM products - exclusively to meet your needs!

Ruhlamat plans, develops and manufactures original equipment of assemblies up to complete modular machine systems exclusively for customers with the respective requirements for standard products.

Project planning. Development. Manufacture. Service.

As a leader in specialized machine construction, ruhlamat has an excellent foundation for an extensive range of services in the field of machine construction at its site in Marksuhl:

  • Project planning
  • Development and design
  • Construction
  • Project management
  • Product management
  • Product maintenance
  • Quality management
  • Manufacture and assembly
  • Service and training

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Logistics. Call orders. Needs-oriented deployment.
QS Weiche

Logistics. Call orders. Needs-oriented deployment.

The desired qualities and quantities are delivered within the scope of call orders with variable contents or also from stock on the basis of the forecast data you have provided.

Series products. Small and medium volumes.

In close cooperation with our OEM customers, we compile tailor-made technical and commercial solutions for the provision of series components, modules and machines in a timely and quality-based manner.

Individually customized master supply agreements subsequently form the basis of the technical and commercial cooperation.

Exclusive. Innovative. Reliable.

Together with our OEM customers, we put together the most suitable packages in each case as part of the ruhlamat service range.

With an appropriate agreement in place, ruhlamat exclusively supplies and also actively shapes the product life cycle - from the development, through to the series launch up to the replacement with a new generation. Continuous product management and active product maintenance in close cooperation with the corresponding OEM customer fields are thereby a matter of course.

Exclusive. Innovative. Reliable.

Customized solutions. Adaptations. Customizations.

The broad range of services and the advanced production depth of ruhlamat GmbH mean that it is additionally possible to account for customer-specific requirements on the basis of existing master supply agreements. An advantage, which our current OEM customers appreciate more and more.

Uwe Pfahl

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Uwe Pfahl
Division Manager
Sales OEM

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Special machine construction with expertise

As a renowned special machine builder, ruhlamat has gained extensive experience in the automotive, medical technology, renewable energy and ID security sectors. In the automotive sector, for example, the company has specialised in the manufacture of assembly lines for electronic components and vehicle control systems. In the medical technology sector, ruhlamat has developed and produced complex assembly and testing systems for medical devices. In the field of renewable energies, we have developed customised systems for the production of fuel cells. And in the field of ID security, ruhlamat has developed special personalisation machines for the production of ID documents and is in use worldwide.

These extensive competences make ruhlamat an ideal partner for companies looking for a reliable and competent OEM company. ruhlamat's many years of experience and know-how in the above-mentioned areas enable customised and efficient implementation of customer requirements. By working with ruhlamat as an OEM partner, companies can improve their production processes and concentrate on their core business while ruhlamat supplies the appropriate machines and systems.