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People's health is always the highest priority. This is why the safety and quality requirements in the field of medical technology are higher than in almost any other industry. Medical systems from ruhlamat take these requirements into account in all aspects and create new standards with innovative and individual solutions. We develop specialized systems in the field of medical technology in order to make medical products even more available, cheaper and safer. From hygienically operating assembly systems with a high degree of standardization to complex individual solutions for the test production of new products, we create system concepts for medical technology. For a safe future for patients and medical professionals. Contact us today and together we will discuss your plant engineering solution in the medical and healthcare sector.

Products of our customers

The variety of medical serial products is large and is constantly growing. In addition to new healing methods, the challenges in the treatment of patients are also increasing. In medical technology, we therefore focus on innovative solutions that enable targeted, rapid and high-quality action. From the serial production of face masks to tablet dispensers as well as syringe and infusion systems - we develop system concepts that fit your requirements.

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Automatic production of medical devices

In the automated production of medical devices, various criteria are in focus: quality, safety, hygiene, speed and cost reduction. After all, automatically produced medical devices must not only meet the highest standards, but also be affordable. That is why we develop for your automated production of medical devices not only turnkey production lines but also, if desired, integrable partial solutions as well as modular concepts with expansion options. In addition to the design and planning of medical systems, we also take care of the construction, installation and commissioning of the system as well as the instruction of your employees.

Our technologies

  • Sorting & Feeding
  • Leakage tests
  • Plastic Welding
  • Measuring & Testing
  • Identify &Mark

Our portfolio

  • Dental Technology
  • Infusion Technology
  • Protective equipment
  • Syringe systems

Reference projects

Production plant for face masks

FFP2 N95 mask production line

With our fully automated production line for face masks, we help doctors, paramedics, nurses and patients to significantly reduce a possible risk of infection. The production line for disposable face masks we have developed is designed for the conception of different mask types. It takes over from

  • feeding the filter material to
  • folding, welding, forming and cutting

all working steps which are important for the production of a mouth and nose protector. Optionally a packaging module can be integrated.

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Automatic marking machine for dental drills

Automatic marking machine for dental drills

Dental drills must be colour-coded to distinguish them by properties such as grain size and toothing.

Ruhlamat offers fully automatic and user-friendly marking systems with throughputs of up to 1,200 marked units per hour. The machines can be equipped as rotary transfer systems with double workpiece carriers to achieve highest throughput in a compact design.

The tooth drills are automatically fed to the workpiece carrier, detected and indexed to the marking process. The quality of the marking is then checked by camera systems in order to produce only good parts. The finished marked drills are automatically stacked in the customer-specific palletizing system.

Automatic welding system for drip chamber installation for infusion devices

automatic welding system for drip chamber installation for infusion devices

Drip chambers for infusion systems are equipped with a filter to protect against coarse particles.

Ruhlamat develops service- and user-friendly machines for fully automatic assembly of these filters with throughputs of up to 1,000 units per hour. The drip chamber is supplied as bulk material via a vibrating conveyor. The filters are automatically cut to size and installed in the drip chamber by a welding and brazing process. The welding result is checked by a camera and qualitatively evaluated. The good parts are then stacked into a customer-specific load carrier.

Ruhlamat offers a variety of other fully automatic assembly technologies for infusion systems, such as:

  • Hose connection assembly
  • Mounting check valves
  • Automatic feeding, welding, cutting and winding of the infusion tube
  • and others
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