Linear Transfer Systems

For optimum process times with short cycle times.

Different aspects such as productivity, assembly operations, material flow, type variety, setup times and space conditions influence the concepts of linear transfer systems and form the foundation for many flexible automated solutions and linear transfer systems of modular construction. A high level of accessibility and the resulting low-maintenance design can count as additional advantages.

ruhlamat offers varying base modules that can be adapted individually to the relevant circumstances in order to accommodate a wide range of requirements. Since production space is also becoming increasingly scarce and the assembly of products is becoming ever more challenging, ruhlamat offers a variety of solutions to maximise the spatial potential of the linear transfer systems. For example, the integration of the control cabinet in the base frame of the assembly cell, or the flexible back-pack variant on the "spine" of the cell, or as a stand-alone solution next to or above the linear transfer system.

When implementing the assembly lines, ruhlamat puts various processes and process modules into practise in order to achieve optimum productivity and stability. From the closed WPC transfer variant through to the open or partial transfer line, customers can implement their linear transfer system from ruhlamat depending on their specific requirements.

In addition to standard market transfer systems, ruhlamat offers the Compact Carrier System  (CCS) - a belt system for the fixed and loose linkage of process and test stations corresponding to workpiece carrier based component transport. Special feature: WPC changeover times in less than a second.

Assembly systems from ruhlamat – tailored to customers from a single source!

Linear Transfer Systems
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