Rotary Transfer Systems

Space-saving rotary transfer systems for high quantity demands.

Rotary transfer systems are particularly efficient and are suitable for the production of large quantities with high precision requirements, as they enable fast, automated and repeatable production. 
Rotary indexing systems are very common in production and are used in many industries, such as the automotive industry, electrical engineering or medical technology. The stations in a rotary transfer system can take on very different tasks, such as joining components, testing products or packaging finished products. Quality control can also be integrated.

Rotary transfer systems offer several advantages over other production systems. Due to the continuous movement of the workpiece, there is no idle time and a high output can be achieved. In addition, different work steps can be carried out in parallel, which reduces the cycle time. The even distribution of the workload to the individual stations also enables a high level of process reliability and a constant quality of the products.

Rotary Transfer Systems
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