PowerSeal - Chip Module Encapsulation Machine

Automatic chip module encapsulation with unbeaten quality and highest throughput

The PowerSeal sets new benchmarks for high-speed encapsulation of chip modules: extremely compact and powerful, with a throughput of up to 40,000 modules/hour using two 16-fold dispensing heads and UV LED curing technology.

UV LED curing saves production cost by lower energy consumption and long LED lifetime without aging. The curing is much faster compared to standard UV discharge lamps and the start-up time is reduced by providing full power directly after switching on. This enables high-speed production with significantly lower cost per module, resulting in an unsurpassed value for money.

Alternatively, the machine can also be equipped with UV discharge lamps or heating units. Diverse nozzle plates are available for the different module tape pitches. Thermal curing resins such as black epoxy can be processed optionally. Reliable process stations and automated inline quality control ensure highest quality at a minimum of cost per module.

fast and efficient module processing
PowerSeal chip module encapsulation machine
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