Alternative energies

Alternative energies are not a challenge of the future but are already presenting industry with many highly complex tasks. In the automotive industry in particular, clever solutions are needed to meet the constantly growing demands.

Climate and environmental protection are becoming increasingly important in our society. In this context, renewable energies in particular are of enormous importance: their optimal use will determine how we ensure a stable supply of electricity and heat in the future and which means of transport we use. In the automotive sector in particular, renewable energies are currently in greater demand than ever before: electric drives in combination with fuel cells as energy suppliers are taking on a leading role with regard to the emission-free vehicles of the future. In addition to transport that is as environmentally friendly as possible, other aspects must not be forgotten under any circumstances - the most important keywords are: Range and refuelling time. Here, too, the combination of electric drive and fuel cell is ahead. In addition, there is the stable availability of raw materials, the compact size and the weight - all these factors make this alternative much more attractive compared to other solutions.

For companies in the automotive industry, there is one main issue to be solved: The manufacturing and production costs are still significantly too high outside of promotional measures. We at ruhlamat are therefore actively developing solutions to reduce these costs, to compensate for the high demand on the market and thus to raise the topic of renewable energies and energy efficiency to a whole new level. To this end, we offer, for example, complex assembly and production systems for fuel cells, electric drives and electrolysers. These can be purchased as a system or individually assembled according to your requirements.

alternative energies

We at ruhlamat have made it our mission to support our customers in the industrialisation of fuel cell components by developing systems for effective and sustainable production. In addition, we pursue the goal of advancing research and development in the field of renewable energies and fuel cell systems. Together with international experts, we focus in particular on Germany and China. Actively shaping the future of fuel cells is therefore a goal that we pursue on several levels, so that you as a company benefit from our know-how in several ways.

We would be happy to walk the path to an emission-free future together with you and develop sustainable solutions with maximum efficiency for you. Get in touch with us.


Our product portfolio in the field of renewable energies:

  • Hydrogen
  • fuel cell
  • electrolyser
  • electric drive

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