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  • Laboratory system for
    prototyping and small jobs

    WCE150 Inlay Production

WCE150 - Laboratory System

Highest quality, proven reliability and ease of use - for a minimal investment

The WCE150 is designed to produce RFID inlays for ID documents in the ID-1 and ID-3 format. Based on a single-station concept with manual load and unload, it is a convenient solution for laboratory usage to produce prototypes or low-volume jobs with up to 40 inlay sheets/hour. The machine can also be used solely for antenna embedding with unrivalled speed, highest accuracy, and unbeaten quality of antennas that it produces.

Chip module punching and placement, antenna laying by ultrasonic wire embedding technology, and thermo-compression welding or soldering are the main features to be combined for a customised solution. The operator will feed and take out the inlay sheet manually. The sheet will be fixed on the table by vacuum. This guarantees a safe and clean processing. The system is capable to work with a wide range of materials, and variables like the size and shape of the antenna can easily be adapted to the specific requirements.

Our excellent sonotrode expertise for various substrate / wire combinations ensures highest precision at antenna embedding.

ruhlamat WCE150 Inlay Production

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  • Affordable system for prototyping and small production runs with up to 40 inlay sheets/hour
  • Very precise and accurate antenna embedding on various substrates
  • Any antenna geometry is possible, including meander
  • Powerful design software “Easy Create” with all functions and tools to create custom antenna layouts quickly and easily
  • Easy import of CAD data by optionally available CAD converter
  • Automated intermetallic bonding process
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Small footprint
  • Patented ruhlamat wire embedding heads