Smart Analytics

What is Smart Analytics?

Smart analytics or smart data analytics represents one of the most important building blocks on the road to Industry 4.0. The idea behind it: Every machine and every system involved in the manufacturing process of a product permanently collects data during operation - both on the work process per se and on the status of the machine itself. With the help of smart analytics or smart manufacturing analytics, this data can be profitably evaluated in order to improve production performance, avoid machine failures or ensure quality inspection. This not only reduces costs in the long term, but also increases profits.

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Use Cases for Smart Analytics

Even the largest volumes of data only help companies if they are used sensibly. Smart analytics offers the possibility of using the continuously incoming data for cycle time analyses, evaluating energy consumption data, and identifying and eliminating potential causes of machine failures. In addition, data analysis allows the continuously updated assessment of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Thanks to smart data analytics, the entire process chain can be optimized literally on the fly. For example, the collected data can be used to easily check and correct quality development in production. In addition, the data shows where key processes can possibly be optimized to improve production performance. Production bottlenecks and their causes can also be identified (in advance) so that all necessary measures can be taken in good time. As a result, downtime can be avoided and production costs reduced.

The continuous data stream allows developments within production to be tracked over time and the effects of changes to be compared. In this way, correlations become clearer and optimization potential can be identified more quickly and concretely.

Strategic data collection and evaluation is not only crucial for uncovering optimization potential - reliable data monitoring is also a must during ongoing operations. With the help of smart analytics, all key parameters can be monitored. In addition, all data is reliably recorded so that subsequent data analyses can also be carried out.

Our service around Smart Analytics

We are your competent partner when it comes to Smart Analytics. That's why we cover everything that makes smart analytics possible in the first place - from edge devices and hardware and software solutions to sensors for machines and systems.

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Advantages of Smart Analytics


By collecting and evaluating gigantic amounts of data, Smart Analytics guarantees full control over the production and performance of plants at all times.

Cost Reduction

Rapid identification and implementation of process and production optimizations allow significant cost reductions.


As current and past data converge, permanent process analysis is possible.


Production bottlenecks, potential causes of failure and other sources of error can be identified in advance with the help of smart analytics, so that ongoing production becomes even more efficient.


Thanks to data evaluation in real time, the permanent quality inspection of all products is ensured, which reduces additional work steps and thus costs.

FAQs about Smart Analytics

For whom is Smart Analytics worthwhile?

Investing in Smart Analytics is worthwhile for all production-related companies for which efficiency, cost reduction and quality along the production chain are important. The benefits of Smart Analytics can be realized immediately and guarantee the company a permanent ability to act quickly regarding all production processes.

How does Smart Analytics help with product quality inspection?

The data collected on the finished product during the production process provides information on its quality - for example, in terms of surface finish or coating thickness. Deviations are registered immediately and indicated accordingly in the data. This means that cost-intensive production errors below quality standards can be avoided.

How can production downtimes be prevented thanks to smart analytics?

Continuous data evaluation makes it possible to precisely predict events that will occur in the future, and thus, for example, to indicate exactly when wear parts should be replaced. The result: Long downtimes can be avoided and the efficient use of the plant is ensured at all times.

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