Smart Production

What is Smart Production?

Smart Production means "intelligent production" and is one of the most important pillars of Industry 4.0. The long-term goal of Smart Production is to optimize the entire production chain towards more economical, more flexible and more efficient processes. This requires complete control over all stages of the production process. In terms of smart production, this can be achieved with the help of digital data collected independently by all components of the production plant. Networking and analyzing the data then enables, for example, improved machine management with less downtime or forward-looking production line management with resource-saving production processes.

ruhlamat Smart Line Management System

Use Cases for Smart Production

Optimally running production processes are inconceivable without efficiently operating machines and systems. This is why Machine Management is at the heart of Smart Production: Thanks to IoT connectivity, the transmission and monitoring of all components of the production plant is ensured at all times - as is reliable and seamless document management. In conjunction with a digital twin, plant optimizations (Smart Optimizations) and machine maintenance (Smart Maintenance) can be cleverly planned to reduce downtime.

Comprehensive production lines involving several machines and plants prove to be particularly challenging for optimization processes. This is where Smart Production comes into its own. The networking of individual components of a production line results in several advantages at once: efficient preparation of production, execution and control of production, comprehensive data statistics and possibilities for data analysis (including traceability).

Monitoring the performance of your own production chain is the key to more efficient processes. Smart Production offers the possibility to have all key parameters in view at any time with the help of data monitoring. From data and parameter analysis to monitoring and diagnostics in the event of problems, as well as complex KPI management, this makes many things possible.

The integration of an Andon system helps to keep track of problems and incidents at any time and to react according to the situation. Information about abnormal data sets, machine or quality problems as well as material deficiencies are communicated immediately. Notifications are tailored via dashboard, email, cell phone or e-watch. Provision of statistics and analysis is included.

Trust is good - control is better. This is especially true with regard to machines and plants in industrial companies. Smart Production transfers the autonomous, continuous monitoring of all key parameters of a machine or plant to the remit of an algorithm that automatically examines all data for anomalies. In case of anomalies, an automatic notification is sent (via Andon System as well as additionally via e-mail or Devices).

Our Service for your Smart Production

ruhlamat Smart Production Dashboard

In order to be able to integrate concepts such as Smart Production and Production Line Control in your company, the necessary prerequisites must first be created. This includes the connection to ruhlamat's IIoT platform as well as the installation of sensors etc. We will be happy to support you with the necessary upgrade - also in the sense of a retrofit.

Advantages of Smart Production


All core information of a production process is displayed in a visually optimized way and can be retrieved at any time - for maximum clarity.


In terms of traceability, Smart Production guarantees full transparency throughout the entire production process.


Continuous monitoring and analysis of all data reduces unplanned downtimes to a minimum and thus guarantees maximum savings in time and money.


Smart Production gives companies full control over all sequences and components of production processes - at any time, at any place.

FAQs about Smart Production

For which companies is Smart Production worthwhile?

Smart Production can be the path to optimized production processes with shortened production times, lower production costs and increased product quality for all industrial companies in the manufacturing sector.

Is Smart Production also an option for existing plants and machines?

Existing plants and machines can also be connected in the sense of Smart Production. However, various challenges have to be taken into account and the necessary IT infrastructure has to be created. We will be happy to advise you in this regard and design customized solutions.

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