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What is a Digital Twin?

A digital twin is one of the key elements of Industry 4.0. Put simply, a digital twin is a digital representation of a real machine or plant. In other words, the digital twin enables digital machine simulation - which in turn offers industrial companies a wide range of benefits. For example, the digital twin enables time- and cost-saving virtual commissioning of the plant, allows conversions to be tested in advance and guarantees uncomplicated analysis of existing optimization potential (production optimization).

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Use Cases for Smart Optimizations

If the digital twin is created directly in the project, it enables initial design approvals right at the start. It also guarantees faster and more efficient communication throughout the entire project - from concept to commissioning. Possible optimizations can be tested and carried out on the digital twin even before mechanical assembly. Virtual commissioning of the plant saves time and costs, and training can also be carried out particularly efficiently with the aid of the machine simulation. Higher software quality for delivery of the machine is also ensured.

The digital twin for a customer plant can also be created retrospectively. The potential of such retroactively created digital representations lies primarily in the optimization option with regard to availability, cycle time and output. In addition, it allows time- and cost-saving preliminary simulations for future conversions and type extensions. Upcoming software enhancements can be tested offline, reducing downtime to a minimum.

Digital twins can also be created for third-party plants. These are developed on the basis of a 3D model of the plant. With their help, the material flow and processes of the plant can be analyzed and any potential for improvement can be worked out (manufacturing optimization). It is also possible to optimize robotic systems on the basis of offline simulations.

Time saving through a Digital Twin

Time saving through a Digital Twin

Advantages of Smart Optimizations


Thanks to virtual commissioning, simulations of rebuilds and comprehensive analysis options, digital production optimization offers significant time and cost savings.

Stillstand/Ausfallzeiten können massiv reduziert werden

In the event of software changes and rebuilds, plant downtimes are reduced enormously thanks to possible offline tests.

optimierte Kommunikation

The use of a digital twin facilitates communication during the design process as well as during plant operation.


Our high level of expertise in the area of process optimization guarantees you a competent contact partner at all times - from the initial idea to ongoing operation.


The use of machine simulations means a decisive step towards digitalization and makes your production plants fit for the future.

FAQs about Smart Process Optimization Manufacturing

For whom is Smart Production Optimization suitable for?

Our Smart Optimization services are suitable for all companies in the manufacturing environment that want to optimize their production and make maintenance and modernization processes more efficient and thus less time-consuming and cost-intensive.

For which plants can Smart Optimizations be used?

Ideally, the topic of Smart Optimizations is already taken into account in the project planning of plants yet to be developed. However, the creation of digital twins can also be implemented for existing plants and plants from other manufacturers.

How can Smart Optimization improve employee qualification?

Digital twins enable accelerated employee training without downtimes, since abnormal situations can be simulated in addition to control processes. This potential can be used before or during the introduction of the plant as well as during the training of new employees for existing plants.

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