Smart Maintenance

What is Smart Maintenance?

Maintenance, servicing and repair work on machines and systems normally leads to long downtimes and stoppages, which in turn cause high costs. Smart Maintenance offers a much faster, more cost-effective and more effective solution: machines and plants equipped with sensors supply real-time data to computer-aided processing systems on a continuous basis. These in turn immediately recognize when action is required - and thus reduce downtime to a minimum from the start. Repairs and maintenance work can also be carried out as remote support based on augmented reality and commercially available apps. This saves time and money and protects the environment by eliminating the need for technicians to travel to the site.

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Use Cases for Smart Maintenance

Modern worker assistance systems not only make work easier for production employees - they also continuously collect data, process it and forward it to the respective maintenance management system. In turn, our employees use this data for rapid diagnosis in the event of a problem. Access is purely digital, and our technicians do not need to be present on site (remote maintenance). Problem solving is also carried out remotely: the machine operator is equipped with smart glasses and receives all instructions for problem solving from our ruhlamat service technician.

In addition to repairs and maintenance work, Smart Maintenance also optimizes the implementation of training courses: With the help of modern software and hardware, both can take place in virtual space (digital training) and can thus be implemented flexibly in terms of time and location. This makes it easier for companies to coordinate schedules and helps to save time and money.

Just as in the case of a defect on a machine, the implementation of maintenance work within the scope of Smart Maintenance is also carried out completely remotely. The customer technician uses a smart terminal, such as data glasses, and is connected to one of our ruhlamat technicians. The technician guides the customer technician step by step through the maintenance work.

Our services for your smart maintenance

ruhlamat Service for Smart Maintenance

To enable Smart Maintenance, a number of software and hardware requirements must be met: Smart devices that enable voice-controlled application and handsfree work are just as necessary as innovative assistance systems (for example, Virtual Assist) that support 3D data-based diagnosis as well as our IIoT software solution. From real-time machine condition data to a maintenance management system and predictive maintenance analysis, our solution gives you full control. For remote support, in turn, commercially available apps are needed - TeamViewer Pilot or Teams are typical standard applications.

Advantages of Smart Maintenance

Stillstand/Ausfallzeiten können massiv reduziert werden

Thanks to the analysis of real-time data, problems with machines can be averted before they arise. This massively reduces downtime.


Wherever the deployment of service technicians is required, remote support offers significant cost and time savings.

Real time data

Access to real-time data brings our service technicians immediately into the picture - this saves complicated problem descriptions and guarantees fast help.

CO2 reduction

Virtual Assistance and Remote Maintenance eliminate the need for technicians to travel long distances. This in turn leads to a significant reduction in environmentally harmful CO2 emissions.

FAQs on Smart Maintenance

For whom is Smart Maintenance worthwhile?

Smart Maintenance is worthwhile for industrial companies that use production plants and systems on a permanent basis and want to future-proof the entire maintenance and servicing of these plants and systems.

Which plants can be optimized with the help of Smart Maintenance?

In principle, all types of plant can be optimized with Smart Maintenance - extremely high-priced systems benefit from the upgrade just as much as very simple or complex types of plant. The prerequisite, however, is that the plant is in good condition. In the case of old or already defective systems, it is usually more worthwhile to invest in a completely new plant (including Smart Maintenance).

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