Smart Energy

What is Smart Energy?

Sustainable energy management is more important than ever for industrial companies today: Identifying potential savings and using them efficiently is, after all, relevant not only in view of climate change. Optimizing production-related energy consumption is also a must for economic reasons. This is precisely where Smart Energy comes into play: modern systems for comprehensive energy management enable, among other things, real-time monitoring of energy consumption, identification of consumption-related optimization measures and transparent communication of all relevant parameters as part of a competitive corporate presentation.

Smart Energy Dashboard

Use Cases for Smart Energy

Customized dashboards enable analysis of all energy-related data tailored to the entire company or a single business unit. This includes real-time monitoring of energy consumption as well as any energy deviations. The latter can be used to draw conclusions for possible optimization measures.

Unwanted energy consumption with values outside the individually defined control limits automatically generates a user-defined warning message. This allows appropriate countermeasures to be implemented more quickly and in a more targeted manner.

Smart Energy provides various tools that can be used to identify energy-saving potential and optimize operating processes accordingly. This makes the entire production chain more efficient and significantly reduces costs.

It is possible to integrate all machines into the energy management system. In the case of new plants, the corresponding hardware and software should already be considered in the planning phase to be prepared in the area of Energy Efficiency Manufacturing or Energy Saving Manufacturing from day one. However, older existing machines can also be integrated into Energy Management with the appropriate hardware and software.

Smart Energy regularly delivers customized energy reports. These provide a reliable basis for internal analyses and optimize the company's external communication and transparency.

Our Smart Energy services

When it comes to Energy Efficiency Manufacturing and forward-looking energy management, we are your competent partner. We provide the necessary hardware and software, edge devices and sensors so that you can efficiently optimize your company's energy consumption in the long term.

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Advantages of Smart Energy

CO2 reduction

Smart Energy or comprehensive energy management helps to prevent energy losses as well as to significantly reduce the CO2 footprint of a company.


The information prepared in the energy reports serves as necessary proof of consumption data and can be completely assigned to the respective products.

Cost Reduction

By introducing Smart Energy, unintentional energy consumption in production can be avoided, thus reducing production costs in the long term.

FAQs about Smart Energy

Why is Energy Management so important for industrial companies?

Smart energy management maximizes the energy efficiency of production processes, helping to reduce costs in the long term. In addition, lower consumption reduces the company's CO2 emissions, valuable resources are conserved and climate protection is actively promoted.

For which companies is Smart Energy worthwhile?

Smart Energy or the introduction of an energy management system is worthwhile for all industrial companies that want to rethink sustainability, conserve valuable resources and, not least, save energy and thus reduce costs. Smart Energy is also a strategic solution with several advantages in view of upcoming energy audits.

Can Energy Management also be introduced retrospectively?

Monitoring energy consumption is extremely important, especially for older machines and systems, in order to avoid unintentional waste of resources. In retrofits, such problem sources can be reliably integrated into an energy management system, effectively optimizing energy consumption.

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