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What does Smart Factory mean?

The smart factory is no longer a vision of the future, but is already a reality in many companies around the world. The principle of the smart factory: In the intelligently operating factory, all machines and production facilities are networked with each other, work largely autonomously and thus allow more efficient, more economical and more flexible production. The most important prerequisite for the smart factory or smart manufacturing: smart machine solutions that make an intelligent production environment possible in the first place. We are happy to assist you in this regard - with innovative concepts and customized options.

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Our solutions for your Smart Factory

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Smart Production

Optimally managed production lines are crucial for the Smart Factory. However, there are a number of challenges here in particular, because several machines and devices are typically involved in a production line. Optimally coordinating these and thus improving production processes is the goal of Smart Production. ruhlamat offers a wide range of solutions for new lines and retrofits.

Smart Production
Smart Analytics

The most important basis for the functioning of the Smart Factory is continuous data streams that are recorded and passed on by all machines and systems. In order to be able to use this data efficiently, it is essential to evaluate it. This is where ruhlamat's solutions in the field of Smart Analytics come into play: The real-time evaluation of all production data can help to reduce production costs, avoid delivery bottlenecks and improve overall production performance.

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Smart Energy

Reducing CO2 emissions and cutting energy consumption - these are the two most important tasks that industry has to fulfill in terms of climate protection. Smart Energy, or intelligent energy management from ruhlamat, can help: Real-time monitoring of energy consumption allows undesirably high consumption values to be efficiently avoided as well as potential energy savings to be identified. In addition, customized energy reports allow seamless, transparent communication - both internally and externally.

Smart Energy Management

Your smart manufacturing levels

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FAQs about Smart Factory

For whom does Smart Factory make sense?

The concept of Smart Factory or Smart Manufacturing is particularly interesting for companies in the manufacturing sector. The digitization of the entire production environment enables permanent control and optimization of all production processes. In this way, they can be made more economical, leaner and more flexible - saving time, costs and protecting the environment.

What role do people play in the Smart Factory?

In the smart factory, people are primarily involved in the production process as controllers. They monitor the data flows of the autonomously operating machines and systems and only intervene in exceptional situations. As a result, personnel costs can be reduced many times over, while productivity can be increased to a maximum.

What are the most important prerequisites for a Smart Factory?

Admittedly, a Smart Factory cannot be created overnight. Most companies have to plan for extensive investments to transform an already existing production environment into a Smart Factory. To ensure that the conversion nevertheless remains economically viable, a step-by-step approach is recommended in which individual subareas are incorporated gradually. We would be happy to develop an individual solution approach for your company.

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