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  • German federal policemen visit ruhlamat

Workshop with German Federal Police

Presentation about security features on ID documents

September 2017 – Regarding the topic „forgery-proofing of ID documents“, we held a workshop with the German federal police on september 6th in our buildings.

To get an in-depth insight into the development and production of security features of travel documents, 14 federal policemen visited our company with their seminar leader Jörg Peter and the leader of the forensic department at the Frankfurt airport Klaus Seibert. All of whom want to improve their expertise to become a certificate fold force.

In several lectures and presentations, the policemen were taught methods and technologies for applying security features to travel documents. Different card and passport samples were shown to impart the gained knowledge.

Seminar attendees and leaders were amazed by ruhlamat and their know-how. Multiple times we heard feedback, stating how well executed and informative this workshop has been so far.

Because of this, we now try to form a cooperation, which includes that Mr. Peter and his seminar attendees to be at ruhlamat once a year for the workshop.