New and upgraded Erosion room

One of the largest projects in our production - the renewal of the erosion - has been successfully completed after almost half a year with an investment of almost 1 million euros.

For the selection of the machines, a total of four suppliers were visited and together they produced and measured production parts from our assembly lines. At the end of the selection process, we decided on +GF+ as our supplier, who had already supplied our existing machines.

It was important for us not to simply rebuild the existing process with new machines, but to take the path to digitalization and automation.

For this purpose, an RFID system for identification was introduced in the die-sinking EDM and the Zeiss measuring machine was integrated into the process as an integral part of the process for determining position data and offset parameters for the pallet systems and electrodes. All setup work can now be carried out at the same time, so that we effectively no longer have any downtime.

For wire erosion, two machines were selected that are identical in terms of their basic design, but differ in their ability to measure parts on the machine. Both machines are supported by a separate starting hole drilling machine.

Our thanks at this point go to the Maintenance for the excellent renovation of the premises and building services, the IT for the integration into our network structure and the Purchasing department for the negotiations conducted!

ruhlamat Erosionsraum Erosion Room