Agent days at ruhlamat

At the end of november, our sales team had the pleasure of welcoming 12 of our agents from different parts of the world. Together they immersed themselves in the ruhlamat world, with guided tours of our halls and live presentations of our machines in the showrooms. It was the first event of its kind and certainly not the last.

All the agents were particularly enthusiastic about the new digital approaches and products that ruhlamat has in its portfolio. The demonstration of the Machine Hub and a digital twin impressed everyone. They were also the first visitors to our new workshop room and they were also very enthusiastic about it.

It was an efficient two days, characterized not only by expert discussions about markets and strategies, but also by valuable cultural exchange. A joint visit to the historic Wartburg Castle not only provided an insight into our local history, but also strengthened interpersonal relationships within the team.

And as if that wasn't enough, some of our agents ventured with us on a trip to Paris to visit Trustech, an international exhibition dedicated to payments and identificiation solutions! Proof that we not only think globally, but also act globally.

Agent day 2023
Agent day 2023