We are leading supplier of mask machines

ruhlamat market leader for FFP2 mask machines

January 2021 - Behind us all lies a very exhausting and sobering year. As recently as the beginning of 2020, no one would have thought that a tiny virus could completely disrupt the global economy and that people around the world would suddenly be faced with the question: Where do we go from here?

At that point, we too had already been struggling for some time with a decline in incoming orders and a falling willingness to invest in the automotive sector. The outbreak of the Corona pandemic then "topped it all off".

Our good fortune was the fact that our Chinese subsidiary had already experienced the Covid-19 issue months earlier and reacted accordingly. This meant that we were able to take over a fully developed machine concept for the production of respirators and further develop it to European standards. This made us one of the first mechanical engineering companies to change production ad hoc and react to the emerging crisis.

After almost a year, we look back on the past months and are proud to say that we have mastered the crisis well so far. We are currently the market leader on the German market with more than 70 mask machines and demand is not abating. In order to be able to deliver quickly, we have gone into pre-production of the machines, so we can hand over fully functional machines to our customers within 2 months.