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What is Industry 4.0?

Behind the term Industry 4.0 lies the so-called fourth industrial revolution, which is ushering in a completely new dimension of organization and processes in industry. Among other things, the focus is on the digitization of the entire industrial production: Machines and plants are networked with each other and continuously exchange data streams - they "communicate" with each other. This enables them to autonomously control production processes and make them more economical, faster and safer. By integrating other units outside the direct production processes (for example, customers or suppliers), a complex networked system is created that guarantees smooth processes with maximum efficiency at all levels. What does it take? The right technology and an individual concept for the conversion to Industry 4.0 - we at ruhlamat are the right contact for you for both. Of course, taking into account the highest standards in terms of data and information security (DIN ISO 27001/9001). Contact us directly for more information.

Industry 4.0

Your smart way to tomorrow´s production

Smart Factory

The Smart Factory is the epitome of Industry 4.0: autonomously operating devices, machines and systems take production to a whole new level in terms of speed, efficiency and safety. To make this possible, smart machine solutions and an efficient IIoT platform are needed: clever production line management, comprehensive analyses of all relevant data, and sustainable energy management - we develop customized solutions for you that transform your operation into a smart factory.

Digital Factory
Smart Services

To enable Smart Manufacturing in the sense of Industry 4.0, not only production must be digitized - services such as maintenance, repair or servicing are also being completely reorganized. By using intelligent worker assistance systems, smart devices and machine simulations, maintenance and repair work can be decoupled from external technicians, optimization work can be implemented more quickly and downtime can be reduced. We will be happy to explain all the details and develop an individual concept for you.

Ruhlamat Smart Maintenance Solutions
Smart Vision

To ensure that your production generates stable profits, downtimes and production errors must be reduced to a minimum. With the help of Smart Vision, even small and medium-sized companies can achieve this at manageable investment costs: thanks to real time data evaluation directly on the production line via Smart Edge Analytics and intelligent quality assurance systems, you can raise your production to a new and reliable level. We will be happy to find a suitable solution for your company.

4Smart Vision

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FAQs about Industry 4.0

For whom is Industry 4.0 worthwhile?

Converting your own production environment in line with Industry 4.0 is worthwhile for all companies that want to make their production fit for the future: Dynamic, flexible and, above all, customer-centric production processes are becoming increasingly important - if you want to keep up in the long term, you can't avoid digitizing your own production. This is just as true for automotive manufacturers as it is for companies in the mechanical engineering, medical technology or transportation sectors.

Why is Industry 4.0 so important?

If a company wants to survive on the market, it must reduce production costs, optimize cycle times, guarantee quality standards and be able to respond to customer requests as flexibly as possible. All of this is becoming possible thanks to Industry 4.0 and the associated changes for the entire production and value chain. Forgoing digitization is therefore not an option for industrial companies that want to remain successful in the future.

What challenges does Industry 4.0 pose for companies?

The further development of a company in the sense of Industry 4.0 initially requires high investment sums, which can, however, pay off after a short time. The decisive factor here is clever implementation of the right measures - individual, step-by-step solutions, such as those we at ruhlamat develop for companies, have proven particularly effective. This applies not only to new machines and production facilities to be constructed, but also with a view to older facilities without the necessary IT infrastructure.

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