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    Re-Construction employee cafeteria ruhlamat

Start of the nearly seven-figure-cost employee cafeteria project

ruhlamat CEO Thomas Mack

August 2016 - As part of our employee survey regarding the satisfaction in our company, a lot of the ruhlamat employees requested better catering. After some long-term planning we took this matter into our hands and are now starting with the realization of this next big project.

With the new employee cafeteria, ruhlamat would like to increase range and quality of meals, including more alternatives for meatless or additive-rich products, so we can provide more choices for vegetarians or employees with health restrictions.

The re-construction started in August ’16 and contains an extension to the already existing cafeteria and a complete overhaul regarding the interior.

Completion of this nearly one million euro project is scheduled to be at the end of the first quarter in 2017.