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Let´s go to China...

walking competition at ruhlamat GmbH

August 2017 - A special competition named “ruhlamat goes China” started on 22 August at ruhlamat GmbH.

Within 60 days seven teams try to reach the distance of 9,600 km to our Chinese subsidiary, by means of their daily steps, virtually.

The steps are measured using step counters, which each participant has received from the company as a gift. The data will be acquired online on a platform tailored to the competition.

"We want to motivate our employees to move more than the recommended daily 10,000 steps," says our CEO Thomas Mack.

The company has developed and implemented the idea in cooperation with the health insurance company Barmer.

Now, our employees have to move as much as they can to lead their own team to victory. The winning team receives vouchers for a sportswear manufacturer.