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Cycling on a Smoothie Bike

Full effort on a Smoothie-Bike

March 2018 - For the second time our employees were able to enjoy the implementation of a health day in cooperation with the health insurance company Barmer. The focus was on preventive measures to avoid stress and typical physical health problems at the workplace.

This year, five actions were offered to employees during their working hours. With a total time of 60 minutes, it was possible to carry out several actions throughout the day. The participants of the "Smoothie-Bike" were able to prepare fresh food and taste different smoothies by pedaling on a stationary bike. Measurements regarding physical health and a possible need for action were taken at the participants of the "back analysis", the "fitness balance" and the "balance check". The "skin check" as the fifth and most popular action saved long waiting times at the dermatologist for all participants.

Why we began to introduce this day is easy to answer. On one hand, our employees should recognize and experience that their health is important to their employer and, on the other hand, we want to use such actions to maintain, if not reduce, our low sickness rate. In the next year, our health day will take place again.