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    Canteen ruhlamat

Canteen extension project successfully completed!

Canteen ruhlamat

July 2017 - After two years it’s finally done. The modernization of our canteen has been completed and the result is more than presentable.

From decision-making, to the planning and extension, up to furnishing the kitchen and redesigning the dining room - there were always doubts whether it was the right decision to make this investment as a medium-sized company.

But now, looking into the satisfied faces of our employees, we know it was the right decision.

Positive spirit also prevails regarding our current order situation and forecast. Since May, in addition to the already very positive order backlog, we were able to record incoming orders of over 12 million euros and looking forward to a current order range of approximately 9 months!

We are steadily working on raising the employee satisfaction as well as company turnover.

canteen ruhlamat
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ruhlamats canteen
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