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Virtual commissioning

The virtual commissioning of industrial production plants and machines enables a time-accelerated, cost-saving and more efficient real commissioning. Furthermore, it can help to shorten training periods, save material costs and minimize downtimes for expansions.

 Right parallel kinematics on the left serial kinematics of the industrial robots

An industrial robot is a programmable machine for the assembly, processing or handling of workpieces. Industrial robots—also known as industrial manipulators—are specially designed for use in an industrial environment and are used for instance in automotive production. 

Embossing for bank-card-personalisation

Through the ever growing number of bank cards, as well as magnetic stripes being globally replaced by modern EMC- based security technologies, there is a high demand for bank card personalization. 

Processing steps for a dual interface card

It is difficult to imagine daily life without them. They are used everywhere as debit cards, season tickets for swimming pools or student ID cards: plastic cards with an integrated microchip. They save our most important personal data and make it available at a moment’s notice.

 a personalised card , customized and printed from the ruhlamat GmbH

We have them in our hands every day. We identify ourselves using them as well as make purchases. They allow our daily routines to be efficient and it would be impossible to imagine our current society of information without them. 

a photo as security feature for chip cards

To manage access authorization or to provide person-specific configurations, identification options are needed. These tasks are often realized by ID or smart cards using unique security and characteristic features consisting of several layers.