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  • Impact test system for
    ICAO compliant e-passports

    ruhlamat IT320 Passport Impact Test System

IT320 - Impact Test System

Simulated stamping of ICAO compliant e-passports

The IT320 impact tester simulates stamping at a border control point and is used for checking of e-passports and ID-3 inlays on ICAO compliance. The quality of e-passports, especially in the area of the antenna and associated connections, will be tested by an average stamp which falls down on a predefined point. The adjustment of the stamp position is handled by an automatic x-y-movement. An online ATS test and an exchangeable stamp unit can be optionally integrated.

The IT320 impact test system is perfect for quality assurance in passport production and for passport testing in laboratories. It is helpful to ensure that the passport booklet quality meets the requirements of the ICAO.
A long-lasting high quality is essential for governmental documents. Make sure your passports fulfil the requirements of global interoperability.

ruhlamat IT320 Passport Impact Test System

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  • Perfect for e-passport quality control and quality assurance in production
  • Follows the recommendations of the ICAO (Version: 3.2, TF4 Doc: NO232, Date: 2006‑08‑30, section “5.5 Impact Stress Method”)
  • Automatic 9 x 5 movement
  • Stand-alone desktop equipment
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Clear, scratch resistant safety hood - pauses the system when hood is opened during operation
  • Industrial proven test equipment with many installations worldwide