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  • Unique perforation feature
    for more security

    ruhlamat Passport Perforation Feature PERFLEX


Are you looking for a premium-level passport security feature without extra costs for consumables?

PERFLEX® is a proven high-security feature for passports applied by laser technology. It allows passport perforation with variable character sizes using holes in different geometric shapes such as triangles, squares, diamonds, and trapezoids.

ruhlamat Passport Perforation Feature PERFLEX
ruhlamat´s patented feature is a must-have for the realisation of today's passport security standards.

Maximize document security and take advantage of this high-security feature without extra costs for consumables. PERFLEX® is used in passports projects all over the world.

ruhlamat Passport Perforation Feature PERFLEX

Product info accordion

  • Basically unlimited character set (alphabetic letters, digits, symbols, limited by size only)
  • Mixed height and width of characters possible in different positions
  • ruhlamat PERFLEX® font creator software for the creation of individual fonts
  • Laser perforated characters from any visa page through all remaining pages optionally including back cover
  • Holes are cut in conical shape from large holes on first page to small holes on last page of perforation
  • Extraordinary laser quality in comparison to off-the-shelf components due to ruhlamat´s sophisticated laser software