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  • Centralised passport
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    ruhlamat LP2100 Centralised Passport Personalisation

LP2100 - Centralised Passport Personalisation

The LP2100 passport personalisation machine automatically handles passports and e-passports in ICAO ID-3 size. Colour printing, laser engraving, various monochrome printing systems, and contactless chip encoding stations can be installed on the machine according to the specific project requirements. Thus a customised configuration with a high level of flexibility and standardisation can be realised. A sophisticated multi-step transportation mode allows parallel processing to reach a high throughput. Several software solutions create a high level of security and make operation very easy.

ruhlamat LP2100 Centralised Passport Personalisation

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•  High-quality personalisation (laser engraving or colour inkjet printing)
•  Printing of UV reflecting elements
•  Precise quality control (visual/electronic)
•  Highly modular design - easy to operate and maintain
•  Universal personalisation software - Data Mastery (DMS) as open platform
•  Production Data Management System (PDMS) optionally available
•  Solid machine design for precise quality production