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  • Centralised passport
    personalisation system

    ruhlamat LP2100 Centralised Passport Personalisation
  • Passport pre-personalisation /
    PERFLEX perforation

    ruhlamat LP2000 Passport Pre-personalisation / Perforation
  • ruhlamat´s patented
    perforation feature

    ruhlamat Perforation Feature PERFLEX

Passport Personalisation

Fast, secure and unique solutions for e-passport personalisation

The most important part of passport personalisation is to ensure that the document can withstand the most aggressive forgery and tampering attempts. With the ruhlamat personalisation solutions passport issuers and government authorities are able to produce secure and ICAO compliant travel documents.

Whether pre-personalisation with the ruhlamat perforation feature PERFLEX® or passport personalisation with high-quality colour printing, laser engraving and contactless chip encoding, ruhlamat is your reliable machine provider for highly secure solutions. Sophisticated software solutions create a high level of security and make operation very easy.

ruhlamat LP2100 Centralised Passport Personalisation

Centralised Passport Personalisation

Fully automatic processing and personalisation of passports and e-passports according to ICAO recommendations is realised with the ruhlamat LP2100. Colour printing, laser engraving, various monochrome printing systems, and contactless chip encoding stations can be installed on the machine according to the specific project requirements.

ruhlamat LP2000 Passport Pre-Personalisation / Perforation

Passport Pre-Personalisation / Perforation

The ruhlamat LP2000 passport pre-personalisation machine automatically handles passports and e-passports according to ICAO format. Perforation laser, various numbering systems, and contactless chip encoding stations can be installed. Parallel processing guarantees a high throughput.

ruhlamat Perforation Feature PERFLEX


The patented perforation feature PERFLEX® allows passport perforation with different geometric shapes and enables passport manufacturer to realise the highest level of passport security standards.