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  • Combined milling & implanting for efficient card production

    ruhlamat PowerCombi milling and implanting system

PowerCombi - Milling & Implanting System

Efficient and versatile all-in-solution for contact and dual interface card production

The PowerCombi combines high-speed cavity milling and implanting of chip modules into plastic card bodies on a single machine. The modular and flexible system is designed for medium to high volume production of high-quality smart cards in a very economical way. This very efficient all-in-solution is able to automatically finish contact and dual interface cards in one production run. Available with a number of options, the system adjusts to all requirements.

A milling station with antenna recognition system and a conductive glue dispensing station makes the machine leading in the dual interface card production as a one-stop solution. A stable, long-lasting connection between dual interface IC module and antenna is essential for high-profile smart cards such as e-ID and EMV cards. Our innovative solution provides highest accuracy and ensures a highly reliable and durable module-antenna connection with 10 years lifetime, confirmed by an independent testing laboratory.

Flawless card production with highest quality and yield is guaranteed by automatic inline quality control and testing. Various options are available: Checking of card orientation, card thickness, cavity depth, antenna continuity and module quality. Processing patterns for cavities can be created easily and quickly with the sophisticated design software “Easy Create”.

ruhlamat PowerCombi Milling & Implanting System

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  • High speed, superior quality and highest efficiency even in demanding production environments
  • Fully automatic cavity milling and implanting of chip modules into plastic card bodies
  • Automatic magazine changer for high machine autonomy and reduced operator intervention
  • Highest accuracy and productivity with up to two highly precise PLC-controlled milling stations
  • Antenna recognition system with functionality test for dual interface card production
  • Optional conductive glue application for highly reliable, durable connection between antenna and chip module, with inline camera control for flawless production of dual interface cards
  • Powerful design software “Easy Create” with all functions and tools for easy and quick generation of processing patterns for milling
  • Automated inline quality control for highest quality and yield with option for checking of card orientation, card thickness, cavity depth, antenna continuity, and module quality
  • Chip module testing (ATR, ATS) and personalisation can be integrated
  • Graphical user interface with touch screen for easy operation