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  • Wire embedding on convex
    and concave shapes

    Wire embedding on convex and concave shapes
  • Excellent system for prototyping
    and small batches

    Wire embedding small series prototypes
  • Simple system expansion
    with abundant options

    3D wire embedding system expansion

3D Wire embedding technology

Highest accuracy, cost and time efficient wire embedding

Based on a single station concept with compact design and user-friendly handling, the WCEvario3D is ideal for wire laying on flat and uneven surfaces as well as for producing and processing prototypes and small batches. With a wide range of additional options that may be integrated, the system can be profoundly expanded. 

For safe and accurate handling of complex components, the workpiece is attached to a product-specific fixture. With constant pressure-force control, a flexible wire-laying unit is able to precisely follow convex and concave shapes. Parameters such as size and shape can easily be adapted to the respective tasks.

Our comprehensive expertise in sonotrode technology for various substrate-wire combinations ensures the highest precision in wire embedding.


Different versions for different requirements

WCEvario3D basic wire embedding system

Basic System

With the basic version shown on the right, which uses ultrasonic wire-embedding technology, heatable wires can be embedded with the highest precision and unbeatable quality in both flat and uneven materials. The system can handle a wide range of materials and is ideally suited for producing prototypes or small batches.

WCEvario3D production system wire embedding

Production System

With optional system expansions, additional features such as thermo-compression bonding or soldering, resistance measurement, sealing, finishing and optical controls significantly increase the possibilities. This system can also handle a wide range of materials and is ideal for batch production.

Product info accordion

  • basic version maximum processing size of workpieces: 300 mm x 300 mm x 200 mm (ideal for small batches and prototype production)
  • highly precise and accurate (heating) wire embedding in different substrates
  • force-control interface for a highly accurate customization of the given contours
  • concave and convex shapes can be machined with a tool
  • costly and time-consuming intermediate steps can be eliminated (such as deep drawing)
  • well-engineered 3D CAD software from ABB for quick and easy shape adjustments
  • component inaccuracies can often be compensated without shape adjustments
  • electrical connections can be integrated directly into the finished component (such as sensor and LED wiring)
  • user-friendly operation and maintenance
  • compact 
  • patented ruhlamat wire-laying heads