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  • Precise wire embedding in 
    uneven surfaces

    3D Wire embedding
  • Flexible wire embedding
    with all contours and shapes

    2D Wire embedding
  • Simple system expansion
    with abundant options

    3D wire embedding system expansion
  • Large-area and
    precise wire laying

    2D wire embedding large area

Wire Embedding Systems

Reliable 2D and 3D wire embedding of the highest quality

Whether you want to lay wire on a flat surface such as plastic cards or embed wire in the contours of plastic vehicle sensor covers, ruhlamat offers fast and reliable ultrasonic wire-embedding systems for 2D and 3D tasks to meet all of your business needs.

With different performance levels from the space-saving laboratory system to the high-speed 2D handling system, we are up to any challenge. Our clients profit from our decades of expertise in ultrasonic wire embedding, highly complex automation solutions and sonotrode know-how for various substrate-wire combinations.

Since 1997, we have been working on optimizing wire-embedding technology for a variety of industries and applications. Examples of some these are antenna inlays for the production of ePassports, ID cards and contactless cards as well as wire embedding with concave and convex contours mainly for the production of heatable covers in the automotive sector.

WCE2D Wire Embedding System

With the ruhlamat FILUS and the WCE2D, you can achieve large-area and precise wire-embedding results. In addition to wire embedding, pick-and-place handling and cutting, this 2D wire-embedding solution is also precise at soldering and dosing.

WCEvario3D Production System Wire Embedding

The WCEvario3D captivates through its flexible application options: From flat surfaces to concave and convex contours, the flexible robotic arm with a state-of-the-art wire-laying head and constant pressure-force control can handle all dimensions.