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2D Wire embedding technology

Ultra-fast and precise wire-embedding on flat surfaces

Our 2D wire-embedding solutions are in a class of their own! The weight-optimized and highly dynamic portal design of our systems allow for very high machining speeds. With a variety of configuration options available, you are able to customize your machine to best suit your business needs.

In combination with selected motors and motor controls, the high-performance control system enables high acceleration values, high speeds and precision in adhering to specified path contours on flat surfaces and materials. With the patented ruhlamat wire-laying heads and software solution Easy Create, there are almost no limits to shapes and contours.

Benefit from our decades of expertise in ultrasonic wire embedding with various substrate-wire combinations and experience for yourself the high quality of our products.

Different versions of our 2D wire laying system

2D Wire embedding system FILUS

FILUS - large wire laying

With the innovative multifunctional portal FILUS, large-scale and complex structures can be embedded precisely and quickly. FILUS' tool carrier may accommodate up to five different processing tools. Further options such as three wire-laying heads, cutting unit, pick-and-place handling unit, soldering unit and dosing unit are also available.

WCE2D Wire embedding system

WCE2D - high-speed wire embedding

The WCE2D proves itself through excellent quality, the highest wire-embedding precision and an unbeatable price-performance ratio. In addition to wire embedding and wire cutting, your custom-made machine solution includes additional integrable functions, such as thermo-compression bonding, soldering, dosing, testing and much, much more.

Product info accordion

  • ultrasonic wire embedding with up to 12 wire-laying heads for the highest capacity of our standard systems (depending on the challenge the number of wire-laying heads can be increased)
  • machining surfaces up to 1,800 mm x 2,500 mm
  • high precision and accurate (heating) wire embedding in different substrates
  • highly dynamic CFRP NC axes for X and Y movements
  • simple importation of CAD models
  • electrical connections can be directly integrated into finished WCE series components such as sensor and LED wiring
  • contacting processes such as thermocompression bonding or soldering possible
  • electrical components can be integrated using pick-and-place
  • various quality controls through electrical testing or camera inspections
  • user-friendly operation and maintenance
  • compact 
  • patented ruhlamat wire-laying heads